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          Trade News

          114 million US dollars! Flying start of Anhui delegations

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            The first section of 104th China Import & Export Fair (Canton Fair) was held in the morning on 16th, Oct. in Guangzhou. Reporter got the news from Anhui Commerce Department that Anhui delegations got flying start on the first day with 114 million US dollars trading volume.

            With 50 years of history, Canton Fair has been the wind vane of countries’ foreign trand and international market trend, and been paid enough attention to by companies and customers domestic and abroad. There are 420 companies almost 4,500 exhibitors and buyers attended this fair, which reached a new record compared with previous fair.

            First section of the fair mainly exhibit following products: Cars & accessories, mechanical equipments, electronics, IT & communication instruments, home appliances, hardware tools, and construction materials, chemical products etc There are totally 191 key enterprises together with small and medium size companies taking part in the fair and exhibiting in A, B, C area.

            On the first day, Anhui delegation got 114 million US dollars trading volume, 21.8% increasing compared with last year, 56.9% increasing compared with year 2006. Main trading items are home appliances, transportation tools, mechanical equipments and chemical products.

            78 companies got flying start, and Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd. ranked No. one of them, followed by Yangzi Air-condition Chuzhou company (9.9 million), JAC Company (8 million), Anmec Imp. & Exp. Company (7.11 million), Anhui Fengyuan Foreign Trade Company (6 million), Anhui Only Electronic Co., Ltd. (5 million)