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          Trade News

          Family abundant meeting tomorrow “colourful”

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            The air conditioning “will sing”, the scene performance “the village in a mountainous area version” the identical first song, 3500 coupon time limit present, may the ex-factory price purchase domestic electric appliances, the scene job fair provide 5000 job opportunities ……Tomorrow soon grandly will begin at the third session of family abundant meeting, not only the advanced intelligent electric appliance “will enter the political arena”, will have the literary arts to perform, the preferential benefit promotion and so on many items lively the materially beneficial activity one after another. Reporter (Hefei) at the international domestic electric appliances exposition press conference learned yesterday from the third China that at present family abundant meeting's each work, like the opening ceremony, the investment trade account signing ceremony, the theatrical performance, the manufacturer linkage electrical appliances promotion, the special performance job fair and so on each important theme activity basically has been ready. Moreover, Hefei will also become “the winner”, altogether chooses 41 key project proposals for investment collective at this exhibitions “to live with the bride's family”, the total investment cost reaches as high as 75,000,000,000 Yuan.

            The well-known brand “catches the whole lot in a dragnet”

            Reporter in the interview found that this session of families abundant will display the total area 16000 square meters; Four big exhibition regions take especially install the demonstration primarily, the international standard location as auxiliary, take the key electrical appliances enterprise as the flashing temperature, take the scientific innovation as the prominent characteristic, each big electrical appliances enterprise put out in abundance has been most fashionable, most has the technology content the new product. What is worth mentioning, this exhibitions international, the domestic well-known electrical appliances brand “catch the whole lot in a dragnet” nearly: Mei Ling, Rong Shida, Haire, US, the standard strength, Sanyo, the rainbow, honored, Only, HP, Kang Jia, Yangzi, Simens, Hitachi, west Ma Ke, east the Yuan, reaches and so on 200 electrical appliances enterprises to arrive completely richly, has covered in nearly the present domestic market all well-known electrical appliances brand. Our province Chuzhou, Wuhu, Liuan and Jiangxi's province inside and outside key electrical appliances producing areas and so on Nanchang, as well as and will be called “the Chinese three big electrical appliances Industrial base” with Hefei Qingdao, Shunde completely by the government group form participation. Moreover, from national and our country more than 30 provinces and cities' and so on US, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Egypt more than 400 enterprises, more than 5000 electrical appliances producers, the necessary business, the dealer confirms attends the meeting.

            At present, Hefei has chosen key project proposals for investment 41, total investment cost 75,000,000,000 Yuan; Had determined that signs a treaty 53 investment trade account at this session of family abundant meeting, the contract aggregate amount reaches as high as 7,280,000,000 Yuan.

            The intelligent electrical appliances “are in charge”

            Has these many well-known electrical appliances enterprise scene “PK”, what “is in charge” can be? In the interview, reporter inquires such “the inside story”: Each big factory “the secret weapon” will lock in “the intelligent electrical appliances” on. For example, “the sleeping beauty” the series air conditioning, will have the sensor will catch when keenly the sleep condition the human body temperature change curve, and according to this curve automatic control temperature, by against “air conditioning sickness”; Also has brings MP4 the air conditioning, hides ingeniously air conditioning's noise in the musical sound, will let the people not only not receive the noise the invasion, but can also immerse in the joyful music. Except these “humanist” the innovation science and technology, the numerous factories also reduce in the energy conservation stand in line have the thoughts greatly. For example, some factory production's air conditioning water heater, fused the air conditioning, the hot water, the warm air three functions is a body, may use throughout the year, the average, takes a time bath the cost, so long as 8 jiao money, very suitable common people? In addition, some brand's refrigerator has also split out “10 year maintenance” the slogan, the residents may feel relieved that used boldly.

            “village in a mountainous area version” identical first song night and day

            In order to build the cordial atmosphere, at this session of family abundant meeting also specially organized to arrange a theatrical performance, after in November 27 fortunetellers abundant will begin, the company will develop three in Anhui international convention center's east square. What is most interesting, because the performance plan has simulated “the identical first song” the manifestation, this lively also the attractive literary big performance by the organization committee joking designation is “the village in a mountainous area version identical first song”, hung fully residents' appetite long time ago.

            At yesterday's press conference, the organization committee concerned people in charge disclosed to reporter that this theatrical performance invited the Anhui Province dance theater first-level actors to lean the sentiment to lead a cheer, all residents might arrive at convention center free watching.

            3500 coupons send greatly

            At what the family abundant meeting is most appealing is what? Certainly is the manufacturer linkage electrical appliances promotion! Approaches the year's end, is also white goods' sales off season, each big factory “the price war” already the riveting fully vigor “gathered the potential due-out”。 At this session of family abundant meeting, Haire, US, the standard strength, Mei Ling, the rainbow, Rong Shida Sanyo, honored and so on seven big electrical appliances Production enterprise with hundred big, the country live, the country beautifully, five-star, Soviet Ningxia and so on five big electrical appliances agents to collaborate, develops together yields profit the big promotion, the producer price will supply the market refrigerator, the washer, the air conditioning, the color television and so on four big electrical appliances leadership product to count 3500 ()。 In order to prevent to raid and to control the admission population, the family abundant meeting's organization committee will send to present as a gift the coupon the form to provide the opportunity which to the residents this low price rushes to purchase. after on 27th opening ceremony, then the organization committee will establish in the convention center's east square presents as a gift the ticket spot, after the residents lines up gets the ticket, enters the stadium to select and purchase the electric appliance.

            The scene advertises for 5000 people

            Except above each colourful activity, each big enterprise which attends the meeting has not forgotten “to shout the friend to call the friend” and “prepares for war”。 As this session of family abundant meeting's key activities, the electrical appliances leadership product and the necessary enterprise supply and demand docking meeting, the electrical appliances enterprise human resources special performance job fair is also each big enterprise “the main battlefield”。 Reporter at the press conference found that the electrical appliances leadership product and necessary enterprise supply and demand docking will already carry out signing project 36, the aggregate amount 1,920,000,000 Yuan, will consummate our province powerfully the electrical appliances production, the sales industry chain; The electrical appliances enterprise human resources special performance job fair altogether has 36 electrical appliances enterprises to attend a meeting to advertise for, provides employment post 5000, is ambitious in the electrical appliances profession job seekers, but must grasp the opportunity. (Anhui market newspaper - Liu Tiantian)