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          Today is 2020-9-5, Welcome to the web ANHUI ONLY ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. Website: www.5ee66.com


          According to the post set wages, enjoy the company's official staff treatment.

          Recruitment: 20

          Arrangement: single class production (class);

          Salary: salary. Minimum 1800 yuan / month. Take one day off per week; requirements: healthy, hard-working; summer hair cooling costs; holidays 200 yuan package; work free bus shuttle; free accommodation for field staff; providing free working meal; free distribution of work clothes;

          Registration form: carry ID card and a copy of 2, 1 inch recent photo 2, to the company's administrative building, the third floor of the comprehensive department for procedures, the candidates provided by the information, the company will be kept confidential, will not return.

          Company address: Anhui Province Hefei Xinzhan Industrial Park of the Tuo River Road No. 6 (ride 121, 139, 25, 683 bus can arrive at Anhui Ouli Industrial Park)

          Contact phone: 64456205 contact: Mr. Wang (18055152740)

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